Coding Rooms offers many tools to help instructors have the smoothest experience possible.

In this article, we will go over the features available to help instructors use Coding Rooms to its full potential.

1. Course Sections

Sections are helpful for instructors to group students and assign separate Live Class times and Assignments.

When creating a course, you will have the option to create multiple sections to divide up your class.

If you wish to create more sections, simply click on the Invite button at the top right, and then click Add Section of Students while in the course page.

To edit a specific section, click the cog icon under the Actions column in the Course's "Sections" tab.

2. Roster

Under the Roster tab in the course, you may see all students enrolled in the course filtered by section.

You may also remove students from your course by clicking on the red icon under Actions.

3. Live Classrooms

Under the Live Classrooms tab, you will be able to see the upcoming and past classes for each section.

NOTE: Upcoming classrooms scheduled will show up on enrolled students' dashboard as reminders.

4. Assignments

When creating an Assignment, you may choose to publish it to specific sections or to all sections (publishing to all sections in one click is a Premium feature!). You may also set up auto-grading via the Test Bench.

NOTE: To learn more about auto-grading, click here.

5. Gradebook & Submission

Submission - Release Date

You may preset time and date to release an assignment so that you can never forget to publish them!

Submission - Due dates

Prior to reviewing the Gradebook, you may modify the submission due date for your student.

By setting the due date on your assignment, students can see clearly when the assignment needs to be completed by and you will also be able to distinguish the submission status on the Gradebook (Not started / In-progress / Completed / Late).

Submission - Prevent Late Submission After (Premium)

This premium function allows you to prevent any late submission by students after a preset hard deadline.

Submission - Manual grading (Premium)

You may view students' submissions for a particular Assignment by clicking "Gradebook & Submission".

After clicking the button under Actions, you will be shown a pop-up:

Here you can manually grade your student's submission and add in their scores.

TIP: Use the "Student Preview" button to ensure your Assignment is presented exactly the way you want it!

Gradebook (Premium Feature)

Upon opening the Gradebook tab from the Course Dashboard, you will see an overview of the class average and your students' scores. It will show you both the overall scores and individual scores for Assignments. You may also change the section you wish to view by clicking on Section under the Gradebook tab. Currently, each Assignment's score is weighted equally.

Scoring system for independent Assignment- The percentage scores shown on the gradebook is calculated by dividing the points rewarded by the total number of points achievable based on the test benches that you set up for your Assignment.

For example, if you set up 2 test benches with equal weighting (e.g. 2 points each) and your student passes only 1 test, this will result in a 50% grade (2 out of 4).

Scoring system for overall grade - The overall grade for a student aggregates all % grades across their Assignments and derives a simple average.

For example, if a student score 50% in Assignment #1 and 80% on Assignment #2, their overall grade is 65%.

Manual grading - If you are not looking to use auto-grading, you may manually change each assignments' % grade as illustrated in Step 4.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our live support chat for help!

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