In this article, you will learn how to set up your class to avoid any technical difficulties once your first class has started!

1. Whitelisting Our Domains

This mainly applies to school/public connections but may also apply for home networks as well. Contact your network administrator and request the following list of domains to be whitelisted on the network.


2. Setup Your Course

Start by creating your course in the "My Courses" tab from your dashboard.

Once you click on "New Course", add the appropriate Class Title, Headline, and Code Language for your class.

We highly recommend keeping V2 enabled. You may also add sections to your class, depending on the structure. Click "Create Course" once you have finished setting your class up.

You can learn more on what courses and sections are here.

3. Invite Students to Your Course

After your course has been made, you will be redirected to the course dashboard. From here, you may invite your students to join this class. To do this, click on the invite button on the right side of the page.

Select the correct section and make sure to send your students the "Student Join URL". If they are unable to join via the link you provide them with, make sure to check that the 'Join Open' setting is set to "on".

4. Create Live Classrooms for Upcoming Lessons

Navigate to the top right corner of your dashboard, locate the "+" sign and select "New Live Classroom".

For more specific information on how to create a Live Classroom, please refer to this article!

A few things to note for a smooth experience:

  • When you are creating the Live Classroom, make sure to link your course to the correct class section to avoid any unwanted guests entering.

  • Load in any template code you may have in the classroom prior to starting the class.

  • Toggle the 'video conferencing' and 'streamlined presentation' settings based on your needs.

5. Testing the Live Classroom

Check with your IT Department to make sure our domains on Coding Rooms are whitelisted. Try testing out the classroom with the internet connection you and your students will use for the class after the domains have been whitelisted to confirm that the classroom runs smoothly.

You can find out more info on domains and troubleshooting here.

6. Create Your First Assignment

You can create assignments in your Course to track your student's progress and understanding.

Be sure to check out what assignments are and how to create assignments for further help.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our live support chat for help!

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