In this article, you will learn how to sign up and understand how to navigate through Coding Room's platform.

1. Request your "join course" link

To kick-start the onboarding process, please request a join URL from your instructor. They can find the Course URL in the Course “Setting”.

2. Signing up

Once you click into the join URL link, Coding Rooms will prompt you to log-in. You MUST be a registered user in order to join a Course.

If you do not currently have a registered account, simply click on the “Sign up” button on the bottom of the page; it’s absolutely free!

3. Navigating Coding Rooms

The Dashboard

To return to the dashboard at any point, click on the Coding Rooms logo on the top left. It should look like this!

The Dashboard view:


To view any assignments and live lessons with your teacher, click on the courses tab and select your course by clicking on the "Learn" button.

Once you have selected your course, you will see the following:

Live Classrooms - Any upcoming Live Classrooms or previous Live Classrooms for the course will be shown here.

Assignments - Any assignments that have been set by your instructor will appear on the assignments tab.

Select an assignment by clicking the name of the assignment.

Here you can read the overview of the assignment. You can work on the assignment by clicking "Open Assignment Workspace" at the bottom.

Assignment Workspace - This will be the workspace for a particular assignment

Roster - You will be able to see the class roster and who is enrolled in the section from this tab.

Live Classrooms

These are live lessons with your instructor. Select "Upcoming" and click on the lesson. Once you have clicked on the lesson, click the green "Join button".

If you are interested in learning more about the features of a live classroom, click here to learn more about “What are Live Classrooms?”.


The Workspaces tab on the Dashboard allows you to view all of your submitted assignments and create your own programs.

Clicking on the "+ New Workspace" button on the right will allow you to create a new program.

If you are interested in learning more about the features of a Workspace, click here to learn more about “What are Workspaces? How do I create a Workspace?”.

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Written by: Geraint Jenkins

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