Since Replit Classroom is being sunset, it’s time to export your data to ensure that you and your students retain their work, grades, and repls prior to migrating to a new platform for your classroom management.

In this article, you will learn about the step by step process on exporting data from Replit.

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At Coding Rooms, we’ve built a free tool for you to download ALL of your Replit Classroom data and import it into Coding Rooms.

This tool is the easiest option, and it’s the only way to get all of your data out. For just grading data, please read on to understand how to use the download options from Replit.

For students - How to export Replit Classroom Student Work

Any of your students may export an ‘assignment’ to a repl on the Replit platform. The repl on Replit can then be fetched as a zip. There is currently no way for students to get their work back directly as a zip archive. The export option is located on the classroom page and the assignment submission page.

Unfortunately, the exported results will be public on Replit by default, and students must pay to convert their exported assignments to private.

For teachers - How to export Replit Classroom Teacher Data

Getting Your Submission Data from Replit Classroom

You can (as a teacher) export your students' submission data from the ‘Student Overview’ section on the classroom page of the Replit Classroom site. You’ll get the data out as a CSV file containing your students' submission statuses, names, and emails. This is sensitive student data, so ensure to treat this CSV file as a private file.

The CSV may be a bit challenging to understand without context, so here are the meanings of all of the submission statuses:

  • no_submission - Your student never opened the assignment

  • draft - Your student started it, but never submitted it

  • abandoned - Your student initially submitted it, then unsubmitted it, and finally failed to re-submitted the assignment

  • submitted - Your student submitted the assignment and there was no manual submission marking

  • submitted_incomplete - For auto-graded assignments, this means that your student submitted the assignment, but failed to pass all the automated tests

  • sent_back - This means that you (as the instructor) sent the submission back to the student

  • complete - Your student completed the assignment and passed all the tests, or you manually marked it as submitted

Exporting All Assignment Data as a Teacher

In line with an overall poor product sunset and migration process, Replit did not build functionality for exporting assessment data as a teacher. We’re currently helping teachers to migrate to other products from Replit Classroom, so please feel free to reach out to us for more help and proprietary export tooling via or via the live chat at the bottom-right corner of this post.


Replit’s hasty shutdown of the Classroom product is a major frustration for teachers, especially those that were on paid plans for Replit. Our team understands the challenges posed by such a sudden mid-year change and are more than happy to help you to migrate to a tool that will support you long term in teaching your programming classes.

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