Regardless of your role as a student, K-12 teacher, freelance teacher or professor, Coding Rooms have a product for you that we built based on your needs.

If you are a...

  • Students - Look no further, sign up with us and select the Student subscription plan, it is absolutely free and includes all the features and functions you will need to attend classes, complete assignments and collaborate with your classmates.

  • K-12 teacher / freelance teacher - we recommend you to select the Premium subscription plan. The Premium subscription plan includes all the key features and tools that will allow you to host medium sized classrooms of up to 100 students per class.

  • Professor / Coding Schools - we recommend you to speak with us for an institution-wide subscription plan. This plan enables access to all our available features and tools that will provide all the tools you need from the Premium subscription plan and more.

You may find the full feature description of all available plans here.

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