Courses are designed to help you, as instructor, set up exclusive curriculums for your students.

In this article, you will learn about the step-by-step process in creating a Course.

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1. Navigate the top bar

Begin creating a new course by clicking “New course” located on the right side of your screen. You will be redirected to the page below:

If you choose to create from a template, you will be able to change the course name and description.

2. Setting up your Course with Sections

After choosing an empty template, you will be prompted to add details to your new Course.

  • Title - is the name of your Course. For most curriculum, this could be your course code determined by the education faculty (e.g. CS101).

  • Headline - is a short description of the Course

  • Default Code Language - is the coding language your Assignments and Live Classroom will be set to. This can be changed anytime.

  • Enable Course V2 - is recommended to be left "on". This will leave the course in our new V2 IDE.

  • Course Sections - allow you to organize your course into different groups of students via “Sections”. You may add as many Sections as you require. Sections can also be added / deleted afterward.

3. You’re done! Don’t forget to invite your students

After all details have been inputted, simply click “Create Course” to start your new Course. You may begin to invite students by sharing the Course join link and find your Course join link by:

  1. Select your desired Course

  2. Click "Invite" on the top right

  3. Select specific Section

  4. Copy the Student Join URL

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