Your instructor assigned your Section with homework on Coding Rooms and you have to complete an Assignment. What is an Assignment and how do you submit your work?

In this article, you will learn about the step-by-step process in submitting an Assignment.

If you are not sure what an Assignment is in Coding rooms, we recommend you to click here and learn more about “What are Assignments?”.

1. Locate your Assignment

To access your assignments, you will first need to enter a desired Course and navigate to the “Assignments” tab.

If your instructor published an assignment, you will be able to access it on this page.

2. Completing your Assignment

Once you open an assignment, you will be presented with the assignment that your instructors have written for you, which may include a question prompt, and a template. The IDE is identical to ones that you are familiar with from Live Classrooms.

3. Hit “Submit”

Once you run your code and are ready, simply hit “Submit” to hand in your work.


Your work will be automatically graded by your instructor’s test cases, which is developed via Coding Rooms’ autograding feature. Shortly after, you will receive your score and be able to view your submission history under “My Submissions”.

If your instructor has decided to manually grade your assignment, your score will not be available until your submission is graded.

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