Live Classrooms are virtual learning environments that allow instructors and students to interact in real-time and will serve as your primary interface for teaching and learning.

In this article, you will learn about the different ways to join a live classroom.

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When an instructor schedules a new live classroom, they may share the live classroom URL with you. These join links do not require log-ins and are one-click invites. You may simply add your name or log-in to Coding Rooms to enter the live classroom.

Note: In situations when instructors send join links that are linked to a course / section, you must be enrolled in the respective course / section in order to enter.

Method #2: Classroom code

If you are already logged into Coding Rooms, you may click on “Live Classrooms” on the top bar. Then, on the right side of the page, select "Join". This will prompt you to enter a classroom join code and a password (if the classroom is protected).

Method #3: Already a student of a course / section

If you are already enrolled as a student in a course / section. All upcoming live classrooms scheduled will appear in your “Upcoming Live Classroom” section of your dashboard. Simply enter your scheduled live classroom to attend.

Note: Remember, live classrooms linked to courses / sections are only available to students who are enrolled.

Instructor / Admin links refer to links that would grant the receiving participant a co-host role in the live classroom. Participants who enter the live classroom with an instructor / admin link will have an instructor interface (e.g. access to student dashboards and other instructors only features).

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