What are Workspaces?

Workspaces are integrated development environments (“IDEs”) on Coding Rooms that allow you to test and run projects. When you create workspaces from your dashboard under the "Workspaces" tab, the workspaces created will be independent of any Live Classrooms, Courses, and Assignments.

The workspaces support collaborative coding, so you may choose to code in your desired language and share your Workspace via the "Share" button.

How to create a Workspace

Creating a Workspace is simple. On the top bar of your dashboard, locate “Workspaces” and select “New Workspace”.

Name your Workspace with a Title and set a default Coding Language, and then click "Create Workspace".

Fork vs. Share

Fork - allows you to create a copy of the workspace so that you can edit your code in a separate workspace freely without altering the original copy.

Share - allows you to share "View-only" or "Editor" access with your peers. To invite your peers, simply enter their emails under the "Invite Users" field and be sure the configure their role before clicking "Invite" at the bottom right corner.

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