Courses and Sections are organization tools designed to help instructors set up exclusive curriculums for their students. In Courses, instructors are able to place students in sections, assign questions and set up live classrooms.

In this article, you will learn about all features available in a Course.

When you log into your Coding Rooms account, your enrolled / instructing courses will automatically be displayed on the front page.

However, if you wish to view specific courses, you may find the “Courses” section on the top bar of your Dashboard.

  • Join - allows you to join a course via a "Join Code"

  • New course - allows you to create a new course that you will instruct. For details on the step-by-step instructions on creating a new course, please click here.

Learning Courses - for students

Once you select a learning course, there are few features that you may interact with.

  • Live Classrooms - allows you to check on upcoming live classrooms that are scheduled or review previously attended classrooms. From this tab, you are able to join live classrooms by clicking the "run" button (blue triangle) under “Actions”.

  • Assignments - displays all the assignments that you were tasked with by your course instructor. From this tab, you are able to start on your assignments by clicking the "edit" button (blue pencil) under “Actions”.

  • Roster - displays participants in the Course either as “Instructor” or “Learner”.

Instructing Courses - for instructors

Once you select an instructing course, there are few features that you may interact with.

  • Assignments - shows your entire questions bank you prepared for a Course. You may make changes to details of specific assignments by clicking the button, then publish these questions as assignments to specific Sections by clicking the button. To learn more about creating an assignment, please click here.

  • Live Classrooms - shows your live classrooms scheduled for the Course and is organized by Sections

  • Gradebook (Premium Feature) - allows you to view an overview of your class's scores and progress. To learn more, click here.

  • Roster - shows you the students enrolled into the Course by Section. You may remove students from the Sections accordingly using the "Delete Student" button under "Action" beside each student's name.

  • Settings - allows you to make changes to the title, headline and default language of the Course. You may also delete the course on this page.

Invite students

In order to invite students into Sections of the Course, you must:

  1. Create a course;

  2. Enter the course, and;

  3. Click the “Invite” button on the top right corner of the page.

  • Invite Students - allows you to select specific Sections you have created and invite students. By clicking into a desired Section, you will be prompted with an URL invite in which you may share with students to enroll.

  • More (Add Section of Students) - allows you to add new Sections into your Course, if needed.

What are Sections?

Sections are useful for instructors that are teaching the same curriculum to different groups of students. For example, if you are teaching an “Intro to Comp. Sci.” course to a 9AM morning class and a 3PM afternoon class, sections are helpful to help you organize your classrooms into “Sections”.

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