My Dashboard is your Coding Rooms homepage designed to help you stay organized. Your dashboard will always be the first landing page whenever you log into Coding Rooms.

In this article, you will learn about all features available on your Dashboard page.

1. Dashboard Home

This is your “Home” button for returning to your default start screen. Unless you are in a classroom, the top bar will always be available to you by default (Please see “7. Top bar” for more details).

2. My Courses

“My Courses” displays all of your courses in one convenient place. Courses displayed in this section of your dashboard include (1) courses you are enrolled in and (2) courses you are instructing.

Click here to learn more about “My Courses”.

3. Learn vs. Manage

“Learn” and “Manage” help you distinguish your role in the respective courses.

  • Learn - means that you are enrolled in this course as a student.

  • Manage - means that you are the instructor in this course.

4. Upcoming Classrooms

In this section, you will find all your classrooms that are on your calendar, including classrooms that you are enrolled in as a student, and classrooms that you are instructing.

To filter through your classrooms, simply click the filter symbol on the right side of the “Scheduled Start Time” box and / or the “Topic” box.

Click here to learn more about “Classrooms”.

5. Upcoming Classrooms - Actions

The Dashboard also brings you access shortcuts to your “Upcoming Classrooms” via the “Actions” buttons.

(From left to right)

"Launch" will prompt you directly to the classroom launch page. As an instructor

you will have the option to launch the classroom. As a student, you will

be prompted to join the selected classroom immediately.

"Edit" will prompt you to the “Edit Classroom” page, where you may make

changes to your instructing classrooms (Note: this action is only

available to classrooms that you are instructing).

"More" will prompt you to the “Manage Classroom” page. You may view

details of the classroom on this page, which includes detailed features

such as: Add to calendar, classroom link, scheduled start time and recordings.

6. 24/7 live support

You are always one click away from real-time live support! If you have any questions and require assistance, simply click on the blue chatbot button to start a conversation with our smart chatbot. If the chatbot does not have an answer for you, it will prompt you to speak with a real person from our team.

7. Top bar

The top bar on the Coding Rooms webpage is your go-to toolbox for quick access to all available features.

For details on specific features listed on the top bar, please visit below related articles:

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